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October 12, 20233 min read

Why is everything a "disorder" or "syndrome?"

If you want to feel complete liberation from the noise that tells you that you are broken or need fixing, you must read/listen to "Mirrors in the Earth" by Asia Suler this instant.

That and this spoken word meditation by Elena Brower.

Thinking back to a time when I was voraciously consuming every personal development podcast, book, course, ANYTHING to help me fix this restlessness.

Have you done this?

Oooo, "stop anxiety and overwhelm" or oh wait - "silence your self-doubt." "Removing mindset blocks."

No no no. Maybe it's "how to manifest wealth like a boss?" Oh, man. I'm not in the mood for that - I need something more...where I am right now.

Ah! "How your shadow is creating your reality." Aye. "How to stop settling for people who don't choose you." 😱

All real titles of podcast episodes. You can guess which ones. 🙄

Girl, please. Um, y'all can stop telling us we are sick and broken and need to be fixed now.

Now, I do believe in therapy and having proper diagnoses...I mean, I just did a kick-ass podcast episode about Rejection Sensitivity Disorder (shout out to everyone who reached out and said it was amazing) BUT the sheer volume of ChatGPT-generated SEO-friendly dime-store catchy slogans and unsubstantiated advice is dangerous for us all.

So I give you full permission to take a good hard look at what you're consuming - and ask yourself -

Is it providing you actual relief where you can let the scar heal over and move on?

OR is it taking you down a rabbit hole of insecurities and creating wounds you didn't even know you had?

If it's the latter, it's time to TURN IT OFF and choose more nourishing content that BUILDS YOU UP, not low-key burrows under your skin like a festering nail fungus.

You know, like the good good that builds you up such as Late Learner podcast or my awesome blog.

It's time for us to collectively self-undiagnose ourselves and trust we are complete and whole and beautiful.

Because in the words of the late great Olivia Newton-John, have to believe we are magic. ✨ 🌟 🪄

You really are magnetic and wise and powerful and strong. 💪 I'm so glad we are friends. 👯‍♀️

And if you're truly in that space where you DO want some relief, allow me to suggest my latest podcast episode about the breakthrough therapy modality, Accelerated Resolution Therapy (see? already we've got RESOLUTIONS instead of more problems).



P.S. I'm here for the Posh.

P.P.S. I'm excited because I'm redoing EVERYTHING (website/offers/platforms) in the most highest and deepest way possible. And it will be live in a couple of weeks. Eeeek! So while my website might not reflect exactly what I represent or offer right now, MY DM's and calendar are open to talk through what life could look like for you to NOT have to prove your excellence in every room you walk in. I'm excited! Schedule here or shoot me a note.

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