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49 and Closer to Fine. It's my birthday!

October 26, 20234 min read

Do you feel this restless need to just step on the gas already and get to the finish line?

Do you feel behind? A little worried about the end-game?

I mean, you have checked off almost every goal you've set out to make - but yet, you wonder...

What would happen if you veered off course and tried something that's been knocking on your heart at this stage of your life?

It's kind of weird to have conversations with friends who are literally plotting out just a few more years until they retire.

Do you feel your age? I mean, aren't you, like, 32 still? My mind feels that way.

I can look in the mirror and be like - sagging jowls? Belly fat? Butt droooping? Crepey skin? Hell no. GTFO.

No, no, no. retirement is not even in my vocabulary.

But life has a funny way of packing in some surprises that weren't even on the BINGO board. And certainly not on the Pinterest board.

I recorded a solo podcast episode sharing some MASSIVE life shifts that have happened recently.

In fact, I had so much to tell you (it's been WAY too long since I recorded a solo episode) that I had to cut it off and save some more for later as I process so much change.

And the truth is - I learned that when you hit your 40's, SO much more is possible. You have capability + wisdom + life experiences = YOUR DESIGN!

Oh, and not that you asked, but I'll tell you anyway how I'm celebrating. 💁‍♀️No big fanfare this year. More low key. You know, just like me. Subdued. 🙃 😂

Next year when I turn 50, you're going to see the party from outer space 🪐 , cause we are going to LOUD AND PROUD. 🎉 🎊 🙌 🥳 🍾

But for now, my husband and I are having a date day - just us.

We're going to do a mini-12 hour walk. Except not 12 hours. Chris would kill me!

We are doing a wander walk 🚶 🚶‍♀️ together with no destination and focus on each other. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Unplanned plans. My favorite.

So for my birthday, will you please do me 3 favors? I

f you do, it is very possible that you will get a speed pass to Heaven 😇 , an angel will get their wings 👼 , and you will have good karma for life. 🧘‍♀️

Here are the 3 favors:

  1. Listen to today's episode all the way through (this one will hit you right between the eyes 👀 (in a good way, I hope) 🎧

  2. Do something that lights you up today (need help with 💡 ? Download this)

  3. Reach out to someone that pops into your head and check-in for no reason (you might make their might even save their life) 🤗

And let me know about it, will ya? I save every email I get back with your responses and DM's are open. Or post it on the socials and tag me!'

Stay tuned for some incredible changes from my business that will make life so much better for you. Like, seriously!

I've been toiling away in my dungeon with my head down and listening intently to YOU and how I can best show up and serve you.

If you REALLY want to help shape what can serve you in the highest, comment below or email me back and let me know what you're struggling with this week.

Listen to Late Learner Podcast:


Love you, mean it!



PS. Want to go deeper for yourself and see what a redesign YOUR WAY could look like? Spots are almost full. Schedule a free breakthrough call with me here.

PPS. This is a HILARIOUS negotiation tactic. My kids were howling laughing. But damn, he's right!

PPPS. If you want to see a TRUE musical genius, watch this (and feel free to go down the rabbit hole or this series).

PPPPS. I want to start highlighting some incredible finds that have helped me in my business. If you need to get better at messaging for any content that you publish, this is top-notch. And if you have been thinking about creating impact and a business built on your expertise (i.e. building your personal brand), nobody is better at it than BBG.

PPPPPS. I was HOWLING laughing at this special and can't wait to Milli Vanilli here.

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