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How to use The Rule of 3's for your peace

May 09, 2024•3 min read

Enter...the rule of 3's. I know you're going to see 3's everywhere now. Save this email!

You've got a lot on your plate, a lot on your mind, a lot on your heart.

And funny enough, that whole life train never seems to slow down or give you a break to process it all.

YET I found something that will help you create relief immediately and I had to share it with you right away.

Enter...the rule of 3's. I know you're going to see 3's everywhere now. Save this blog post!

  • 3 seconds to put your hand on your heart until your nervous system relaxes

  • 30 seconds to feel how good the sunshine on your face feels

  • 3 minutes to notice the sound of the birds singing

  • 30 minutes to enjoy the breeze on your face as you take a walk

  • 3 hours to notice your stress melt away on your hike (more on this)

  • 3 days into a vacation, your body finally gets that you're ON VACATION! (amirite????)

  • 3 months to unwind from work burnout

  • 3 years to rebuild a new life on your own terms

The other day, I found myself riding that stress train 🚂 again and promptly wrapped around the axel.

Ugh, some old habits die hard, don't they?

Anyway, I decided to call an audible, cancel all regularly scheduled plans, and find a mountain to hike instead. ⛰️

My goal was to get to 3 hours to genuinely feel the peace my body was screaming at me to get.

And wouldn't you know, my energy rushed back, ⚡️ ideas came flooding clear as day, 💡 and I was grounded again. 🧘‍♀️

The body always knows what it needs.

Yet, we like to ignore our bodies' warning signals and say something stupid like "mind over matter! I got sh*t to do." Until the body runs you into the ground where you no longer have the choice.

As a society, we have worshipped discipline for far too long.

When you're so conditioned to be hyper-functioning, it's so much better to slow down juuuust enough and honor your body's wishes instead. And invite more possibilities.

If you want some ideas or quick relief to test the rule of 3's for yourself, grab this worksheet I created for you.

And speaking of getting things WRONG and making it right, I recorded a solo episode today about when it's a DUMB idea to start a podcast (and when it's right).

Listen here:

EP212: To Podcast or NOT to Podcast: When is it a DUMB idea?

Okay, gotta find some 3's for good luck!



P.S. This book on female friendships came out this week and it is absolutely SUPERB. I highly recommend it. I'm almost all the way through. Another book rec for my fellow overthinkers that instantly hit the bestseller list is OUTSTANDING. I got to see the author at a literary event/book signing last week and it was like candy for the curious brain.

Pps. Do you love indie art films like me? I would rather learn how to knit my kids' clothes than watch a Marvel movie. But give me some cerebral Ethan Hawke goodness? I'm in. I'm going to see Ethan Hawke LIVE (OH! Be still my 1993 heart ❤️ ) as he premiers his new film, Wildcat at an indie movie theatre tonight! I'll report back.

Ppps. Have you been stuck trying to launch a podcast or just keep putting it off? I'm going to run a new 8-week hands-on podcast launch cohort. I may not offer this again but if you've been kicking around an idea for your podcast, JUMP ON THIS. Grab a 15 minute free call with me.

Pppps. Ready for a rebrand, personally and professionally? I am selecting a few people to work with privately to get the life they deserve this year. If this sounds like you or someone you know, I'm offering a free discovery call. Book yours here.

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