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Is Taylor Swift normalizing crazy?

April 25, 20244 min read

Taylor, let your wild heart run free! And thank you for allowing us, as women, to begin to take our masks off a little more and be free, too.

Unhinged. Fatalistic. Over-romanticized. Chaotic. Too honest. Wildly ambitious. Airing out intrusive thoughts. Over-exposed. She's absolutely mad. Messy. Unguarded. Tortured. Flawed human.

These are just some of the terms used to describe Taylor Swift's new concept album, The Tortured Poets Department.

I truly believe this is an album NOT for the fans, but for her own true expression.

In other words, she don't give a fuuuuuu***ck.

Yes, Fortnight is stuck in my head and I GEEKED OUT seeing Gen X poster boy, Ethan Hawke in her video (Viva Dead Poet's Society).

And hello, is Post Malone actually kinda hot 🔥 under those tattoos? Who knew?

Anyway, whatever you might feel about the album and Taylor Swift, it became abundantly clear that this is another milestone in our culture.

Taylor Swift is normalizing crazy.

I remember shortly before I met my husband, I had a relationship that lasted about a fortnight.

It was passionate, we had undeniable chemistry and an intense connection. it was endearingly sweet.

I could feel myself melting into him and feeling like I was in another dreamy dimension. It was intoxicating.

Ultimately, it ended - call it bad timing, he was going through a divorce with a young child.

I was CRUSHED. Absolutely destroyed.

While we ended very amicably, it felt like I was so close to joy and my dream of being in an amazing relationship and it was gone. And I was 34 (Taylor's exact age now), never married, no kids, still building my career.

I spiraled internally. I obsessssssssed. It felt like torture and heartbreaking pain. I couldn't sleep. I could barely function. I didn't understand. I couldn't make the pain go away and just move on. Lawd, I wish I had a Taylor Swift album to get me through back then.

I felt like I was going crazy. I know that the feeling didn't match the length of the relationship (um, you should be over it by now never lands well, does it?).

And what I know for this feeling I experienced was not specific to me.

We have been taught to stuff our big emotions down, be tough, move on to the next thing.

"F*ck him!" they said. Your "processing" is taking too long.

Ok shhhhhhh...

But in Taylor's world? She's putting the pendulum swings alllll out there for us to know we are not alone.

And keep in mind - Taylor couldn't be on a higher pedestal. Her achievements, success, adoration is completely unmatched.

She can afford to knock herself down a peg.

But this also gives us cultural permission to be the multidimensional women we are. We aren't two-dimensional paper doll cut-outs.

"You caged me and then you called me crazy
I am what I am 'cause you trained me
"- Who's Afraid of Little Old Me?

"I stoppеd CPR, after all, it’s no use/ The spirit was gonе, we would never come to/ And I’m pissed off you let me give you all that youth for free.” - So Long, London

“I dream of cracking locks/ Throwin’ my life to the wolves or the ocean rocks/ Crashing into him tonight, he’s a paradox/ I’m seeing visions/ Am I bad or mad or wise?” - Guilty as Sin

Taylor, let your wild heart run free! And thank you for allowing us, as women, to begin to take our masks off a little more and be free, too. Grief and loss require some more space to process.

And speaking of freedom of expression and finding your tribe to accept you just as you are, I've invited Dana Malstaff, founder of Boss Moms to speak to us about the redefined state of motherhood and business on Late Learner Podcast.

Dana has a superiorly unique perspective on juggling business and motherhood that I've never heard anywhere else - and once you do, you're going to realize that WOW, she's right. This is SO MUCH BETTER!

And also, she's one of my favorite finds in the past year. You're going to love her!


EP211: Moms in Charge: Redefining Motherhood & Community

with Boss Mom's CEO, Dana Malstaff

Okay, gotta see if I can magically manifest some Taylor Swift tickets in Stockholm or something.



P.S. Big milestone this past week. 2 years ago, I closed the chapter on my time in corporate America. This is how I kicked off the next chapter.

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