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October 20, 2023β€’5 min read

What are some wild ideas you find yourself fantasizing about but never quite get around to doing it?

  • Tough Mudder πŸƒ

  • Ballroom dancing πŸ’ƒ

  • Skydiving (that's a no for me, dawg) πŸ™…πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

  • Driving cross-country in a VW 🚌

  • Living internationally for a month or two (or forever) 🌎

  • Having a podcast 🎀

  • Starting your own business πŸ’°

  • solo vacations far, far away ✈️

  • Packing the family and living that nomadic lifestyle 🧳

  • Going vegan πŸ₯¦ 🌱

  • What is on your list? Srsly, email me back and let me know

If you've been following me for some time, you know I love to get into extraordinary adventures.

And this week, I just did a 3-day running festival in the middle of the week (who plans a festival mid-week?). 🀷

It was run by Jesse Itzler (multi-entrepreneur and ultra athlete, IYKYK) and Devon Levesque (literally the first human to bear crawl the NYC Marathon - as one does).

First off, I don't run. I hate it. I also don't camp. I have as much desire to camp as I have to eat my own feet. 🦢

But as soon as Runningman Festival (the inaugural one) was announced earlier this year, I signed up without even thinking twice about it. And I knew I was going to go solo - on purpose.

You see, I decided that this past summer was going to be #NewGirlSummer. Essentially, I was on a mission to be the new girl in as many places as I could.

Why? I'm so glad you asked.

I wanted to intentionally expand my circle of people to always include people who are continuously stepping out of their comfort zones in the service of a greater mission and impact.

You see, it's all about the ripple effect.

When you fill your cup and widen your edges to include more of what you are made of, your children, your spouse, your community, your world illuminates.

For instance, I've always thought it was selfish for people to give to charity and NOT be public about it. Because the ripple effect of when you post about it - sparks someone else to do the same. Impact multiplies.

So much cultural change happens when we make those bold choices and the pressure to do good all around you makes it easier for everyone to be even more generous.

What is that saying? All boats rise with the tide? I always forget the actual saying.

Why do we do so much good in the quiet? Why can't we be loud and proud?

Back to Runningman. My goal was to run a 10K. My normal cadence is a 0K.

I did it. I did an extra lap. I walked a bunch. But I did it.

In this particular race, you could choose to do a 5K, 10K, Half marathon, Full marathon, 50K, or 100 miles (!?!?!). You had 10 hours to complete it.

But then, when we all convened in the sauna village (yes, there was the world's largest sauna as well as tons of cold plunges), I noticed so many people came there planning to do a 5K and ended up doing a half-marathon or more.

Some folks ran 4 miles every hour on the hour and when they were done with their 4 miles, they'd rest up in the sauna and at the top of the hour, they'd go again. All day. All in.

One guy did a 100 miler - ran alllll through the night (and it was effing COLD at night) to complete it and raised $100K for charity to do it.

This is not normal. But this is the kind of normal that makes life inspiring, extraordinary, and FULL of possibilities.

You might be like me --- craving true connections with good people who can challenge you and you can challenge right back.

You know that list up top? Or anything that comes across your mind or email or on socials where a wild hair might get in and you consider it?

SAY YES. Let this be a big ol' permission slip for you to go for it.

Oh, and you know where I said that I hate running and don't camp? I realized that me repeating that over and over doesn't serve me. It's only an inhibitor to what I can accomplish.

What are some things you say out loud (or in your head) that don't serve you?

And let me know about it, okay?

And while fashion wasn't on the top of my list at Runningman, it's always a deeper and more complex topic to discuss.

On today's episode of Late Learner Podcast, we are talking about fashion, beauty, and the emotions underneath it all with innovative stylist, Jessica Papineau.

EP197: Fashion, Beauty, and the Emotions of it all with Jessica Papineau



PS. Between Jada and Brit Brit, I can't stop thinking about how TOXIC it must be on the psyche to keep such big secrets for so long.

PPS. If you have some wild ideas but have a ton going on and not sure how you would make it happen anyway, let's have a chat. I've got a proven framework to build the margins you need. Schedule some time here.

PPPS. The tables were turned this past week where I was the one interviewed by Jessica Papineau and talked about some of the new concepts I am rolling out. Would love to know if this resonates for you. Watch here.

PPPPS. Sometimes when you say yes to things outside your comfort zone, you get to meet people like Rich Roll. See social proof below!

PPPPPS. Did someone send this to you? Sign-up to get these emails on the regular here.

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