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One step forward, two steps back.

May 02, 2024β€’4 min read

if companies want to protect their employees from burnout, wouldn't it be nice if companies offered this as part of their comp plan?  But until then, this is a really powerful idea of taking a one-year sabbatical from work to truly recharge. If you want to make this real, reply to this email and let's see if we can find a way to make this happen for you. No promises 🀞 BUT couldn't hurt to explore the question for YOU.

Ever wonder if you are growing or shrinking? On the right track or totally in the wrong lane? One step forward, two steps back.

Anytime you are going through changes, it always comes with a side of pain.

And you don't know if it's a good growing pain with a big ol' chocolate cake with glitter and confetti πŸ₯³οΈ at the end OR is it a loud-ass signal telling you to GTFO! 😱

Well, a little inside baseball ⚾️ in the life of the self-employed who has made some radical changes (hi! It's me πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ), these questions show up on an obnoxiously obsessive loop. 😡

And also, where is that damn hockey stick that just goes up and to the right? πŸ’

And something pretty magical happened last week.

4 separate angels 🌟 showed up for me unexpectedly and gave me what I didn't even know I needed.

They really SAW me. They SAW what I needed and generously and lovingly gave to me when I had complete blinders on going in a different direction (at top speed, of course).

Do you feel like there are parts of your life you just wish you had someone riding along with you? πŸ€—

Perhaps you are silently struggling through feelings of dissonance, unrest, or a general agitation that you wish something was different, but can't quite put a finger on it.

Honestly, I've been in the corporate world for decades and had felt this low-level anxiety (or screaming high levels, but promptly ignored because I ain't got time for that sh*t).

In fact, I don't know that there's even been a time in my life when I didn't feel an obsessive need to be productive and to meet every expectation imaginable (either self-inflicted or otherwise). Until I burned the F out. πŸ”₯ 🫠

BUT when your body and mind are screaming at you that IT'S NOT WORKING and begging for you to redirect, what do you do?

I know what you do - you keep plowing through (because that's what we've all been taught). πŸ™„

But, there can be another way to bring MASSIVE relief to the crushing weight you silently carry.

The feeling of having someone bear witness to your struggle, your pain, your exhaustion, and acknowledging the hard work it takes when you've simply outgrown your container and are growing into something more....YOU.

When was the last time you really felt seen? Heard? And loved anyway?

You can be flawed, messy, and still kick-ass. πŸ’ͺ

Here's a quick exercise to process when you feel dysregulated or off-kilter:

  1. REFLECT: Acknowledge your current emotional state WITHOUT judgment - Feel ➑️ Deal ➑️ Heal 🌈 β€οΈβ€πŸ©Ή

  2. REVEAL: Get out a blank piece of paper and pen and write: What is it that I need right now? Wait until a response comes and write it down. This is a great way to connect with your higher source.

  3. RELEASE: Share with someone TRUSTED who will honor you - could be a therapist, spouse, coach, peer, friend, stranger at a coffee shop you inexplicably connected with - TRUSTED is the key term here. If you're not sure you've got someone you trust, message me.

  4. RENEWAL: Notice and journal about the weight lifted. Being in this grateful state of being truly seen invites more abundance for you.

Email me back and let me know how this exercise works for you!

And while you're doing it, soulfully sing "CAN I GET A WITNESS?" πŸ˜† πŸ™




P.S. I've had some ANGELS come out of the sky this past week and give me exactly what I didn't know I needed. Here's why this is important for you.

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