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Expectations shmexpectations - Lighten the Load

December 07, 20233 min read

High Expectations

“The heaviest thing we're carrying is the weight of expectations” - Cherylanne Skolnicki

We demand a lot of ourselves, don't we?

I mean, sometimes more than humanly possible.

The amount of stress we put on our bodies to keep all the plates spinning,

show up for the holiday parties perfectly dressed with a smile on our faces,

try not to crush that 11th shortbread cookie in one sitting,

wrapping up year-end business affairs,

trying to find the address list somewhere in your hell hole of a disorganized computer to send out holiday cards,

take the family to see Christmas lights while screaming at them to get in the car,

blah blah blah.

Whew! I'm already tired. 😫

When did the expectations to balance a naturally more busy time with trying to make sure our kids experience the magic of the holidays run us into the ground?

It's really a sh*t show. 💩

But it begs the question - did we do this to ourselves?

I'm pretty sure we aren't going to be banished to the #LazyAndForgotten island if we make some minor shifts to create a little more room to breathe.

My spidey senses tell me that you're REALLY feeling the grind this year.

And honestly, you really don't have to succumb at this burn rate.

Nothing sucks worse than getting to a holiday with actual downtime with your loved ones and being too exhausted to enjoy it. 😴

But fear not - I've joined forces with the founder of Brilliant Balance, Cherylanne Skolnicki for today's episode.

Cherylanne is an accomplished expert on how to ease the tension between women's ambitions and their family lives.

And personally, she's one of my favorite people I've met and one of my favorite interviews to date. 😍😍😍

LISTEN HERE: Ambition, Motherhood, Bold Moves,& Balancing it All with Cherylanne Skolnicki

Oh, and if you'd like some more help in this arena, I've got a few more goodies for you:

Okay, going to drop those holiday cookies off at school now, 🍪


Always over-commited but getting better every day, Allison xo

PS. It's time for the big reveal! My website, full rebrand, new palette and offerings are now LIVE and ready for YOU!

PPS. SUPER excited about this. Our fan favorite guest, Cindy Robinson, just published her first book - False Eyelashes and other Failed Attempts, a gripping and heartfelt memoir. I was lucky enough to read the manuscript and it's absolutely brilliant. You won't be able to put it down. Go get it here.

PPPS. Podcast beta is getting filled up! AND we pushed out the start date until January. So if you ever wanted to launch a podcast, I'm doing a test run at a much-lowered rate for those ready. Interested? Just email me back the word PODCAST and I'll get you more info.

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