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Underdiagnosed & Over-Masked 

March 28, 20242 min read

Tanner with Love on the Spectrum

Did you see Love on the Spectrum? 💜💜💜

It's so sweet. I've been obsessing with the folks featured on it and I've spent WAAAAAY too much time procrastinating doing something I should be doing by watching their stories on IG instead.

I mean, TANNER! Can you not looooove him? 👍👍👍

If you're like me, I bet you were watching and thinking to yourself - damn, wouldn't it be nice to be that honest and not worry about it?

I've been noticing something in the ether lately.

Have you gotten unusually stressed about seemingly small things lately?

Does everything feel more higher stakes to you?

Or do you feel a general malaise about it all - going through the motions until you can plop your butt down at night and know the day is over - only to get up and do the same damn thing tomorrow?

Neither state is sustainable. Yet both can be very real.

I just read a study that said that our underdiagnosis of ADHD/ASD and other neurodivergencies is very probable. Like, 25% in teens.

W T F! 25%??? Whoa!

And that got me thinking that if we had less stigma, proper diagnoses, and legitimate accommodations to unmask, would our stress go down collectively?

I am certainly not suggesting that everyone who experiences stress is underdiagnosed or pathologizing it.

But I would like to explore the possibility of a world where we can drop our masks a little more and know we are still lovable and worthy - as we truly are.

Today's podcast episode of Late Learner is once again, breaking convention on what we know about ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) - ESPECIALLY getting diagnosed as an adult, high masking, and reframing high-functioning.

I brought back ya girl, Cindy Robinson who was recently diagnosed on the spectrum in her 40's!

This one gave me an entirely new perspective I was not expecting.

Listen here:

EP209: Late diagnosis, high-functioning, high masking ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with Cindy Robinson

Okay, gonna check out Connor's sword collection and fact of the day!



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